Student at Hogeschool Utrecht

from Veendaal, The Netherlands

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2012 - present 

Dutch driving license B Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheid (CBR)

2011 - 2014

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)  
Cisco Systems San Jose, CA USA
2013 - present

H.B.O. System and Network Engineering (SNE)

2013 - 2014

H.B.O. Propedeuse System and Network Engineering (SNE)

2009 - 2013

M.B.O. I.C.T. - Netwerkbeheer

2004 - 2009



V.M.B.O. - T.L.

with Dutch, German, English,

Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry, Economics

Name Type Client Description
OpenBSD firewall Private Self OpenBSD based firewall for routing between two LAN networks and the XS4ALL ISP with PPPoE. Only trusted ports are allowed. The firewall configuration is done in pf.conf using the vim text editor. The firewall also runs a DHCPD and OpenNTP server software.
Unbound DNS-server on FreeBSD Private Self Unbound DNS-server for local hostname resolution, adblocking and forwarding DNS-requests to external DNS-servers.
DAViCal calendar and contacts server Private Self DAViCal is a CAL- and WEBDAV webapplication. Calendar and contacts are synced between two Linux systems and an Android smartphone. The webserver with DAViCal and the PostgreSQL database are in seperate FreeBSD jails. Special attention has been paid to the security aspect.
FreeBSD jail platform Private Self FreeBSD jail platform for running services on low energy hardware in a secured manner.
VMware cluster with several HA-features and storage. MBO graduation project TUNIX Research project for a virtual cluster for the purpose of security appliances at TUNIX customer locations. Part of the project was exploring and documenting the possibilities of VMware ESXi v5.x and vCenter clustering possibilities. Goal of the project was a failover cluster. Electing a shared storage product was also part of this project.
Monitoring solution MBO internship year 2 BSV Research project for a monitoring solution. After several tests, Centreon Enterprise Server (CES) was elected. Build a production server based on CES with SNMP monitoring.
pfSense with OpenVPN and IPSEC MBO internship year 2 BSV Developing and troubleshooting IPSEC and OpenVPN on pfSense. Deployed pfSense at several locations. Build site-to-site IPSEC and remote worker OpenVPN applications for customers.
pfSense for SMB MBO internship year 1 BSV Exploring the possibilities of pfSense for clients of BSV. Created several purposes and a manual for installing the embedded edition